Best Serving Drills in Volleyball to Try Right Now

Serving in volleyball is not just a formality; it’s a strategic weapon that can dictate the flow of the game learned in serving drills. Whether you’re a beginner looking to refine your serve or an experienced player aiming to add variety to your arsenal, mastering the best serving drills is essential. In this guide, we explore effective serving drills that can elevate your game to new heights.

Best Serving Drills

1. Precision Target Practice Serving Drills:

Objective: Firstly, improve accuracy and consistency.


  • Initially, place a target on the opposite side of the court (a hula hoop, a cone, or a designated spot).
  • Stand at the serving line on both sides of the court.


  • Focus on hitting the target on a regular rate with your serves within the court.
  • Start with a slow and controlled motion, gradually increasing the speed and power of your serve as your accuracy improves.
  • Experiment with different types of serves (float, topspin, and jump serves) to enhance versatility.

Tip: This drill not only enhances accuracy but also helps in developing muscle memory for different serving techniques.

2. Passer vs. Server:

Objective: Initially, simulate game scenarios and pressure situations.


  • Firstly, divide players into two groups: servers and passers.
  • Set up a net and mark the serving and receiving areas in the court with cones or markers.


  • Servers aim to disrupt the passers by serving strategically within the outlined zones on the court.
  • Passers focus on receiving and passing the ball accurately to the target at the net.
  • Rotate players between serving and passing positions every few minutes or between scored rounds.

Tip: This drill not only replicates the pressure of real-game scenarios, but also promotes quick thinking and adaptability.

serving drills

3. Serving Ladder:

Objective: Overall, enhance serving power and consistency on the court.


  • Mark a ladder pattern on the court using chalk or tape about 6-10 feet apart.
  • Stand at the starting point of the ladder, which is near the 10 foot line on the court.


  • Initially, serve the ball aiming to land it in the first square of the ladder.
  • After each successful serve, progress to the next square.
  • Lastly, if you miss, return to the starting point and begin again.

Tip: The serving ladder drill helps in building both power and precision, pushing players to improve their serves gradually.

4. Target Zones Serving Drills:

Objective: Generally, develop control over different areas of the court.


  • Firstly, divide the court into target zones using markers or cones.


  • Initially, assign point values to different zones on the court.
  • Players aim to serve the ball into the designated zones to earn points in the game.
  • Finally, rotate serving positions to cover the entire court round by round.

Tip: All in all, target zones encourage players to vary their serves strategically, targeting weak points in the opponent’s defense.

5. Blindfold Serving:

Objective: Finally, enhance focus and spatial awareness.


  • Blindfold the serving player. Use a flag, bandana, towel, or sleeping mask to cover all of their eyes.


  • All in all, relying solely on muscle memory and spatial awareness, the blindfolded player serves the ball into the court.
  • Lastly, a partner provides feedback on the accuracy and placement of the serves in the court.

Tip: Overall, blindfold serving sharpens a player’s reliance on muscle memory, fostering a deeper connection between body and technique.

Best Serving Drills Conclusion

In conclusion, in the dynamic world of volleyball, a powerful and accurate serve can be a game-changer in a match. Overall, incorporating these serving drills into your training regimen can make the difference between an average serve and an ace for your team. Remember, consistency is key, and regular practice of these drills will not only enhance your serving prowess but also contribute to an all-around improvement in your game. So, step onto the court, grab a ball, and start acing those serves with these proven drills. All in all, your opponents won’t know what hit them on the court!

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