How to Be a Good Volleyball Teammate

This is a list of guidelines for being a good volleyball teammate. Overall, the list encourages individuals to put the team first and to consistently strive to improve themselves and their teammates.

  • Elevate the performance of those around you
  • Prioritize the needs of others over your own
    • Make sacrifices for your teammates
  • Lead by setting a positive example
  • Follow dress code and game day uniform guidelines
  • Be the kind of teammate you would want to have
  • Always encourage and support your teammates
  • Put the team first, no matter what
  • Arrive early to help set up equipment
  • Refrain from gossip on social media or elsewhere
  • Demonstrate good character both on and off the court
  • Give maximum effort at all times
  • Communicate effectively with your teammates
  • Maintain a positive attitude, even in tough situations
  • Hold each other accountable to team policies and expectations

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